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"The easy way to know your cows"

  • Easy to use - be up and running in no time.
  • Easy to buy - economically priced  to your herd size.
  • Backed by the VetCheck Community - users cooperate in support and development.

Know your cows and herd better, with more detailed health records than other software packages, as well as herd performance summaries, graphs, and customizable reports. Save valuable time with handy worksheets and task lists.

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Fully functional, database size for 50 cows, which you can expand when you register

Menus and reports in English, Spanish, or French

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VetCheck Feature Details

  • Quick and easy updates - cows on the update screen match those on the last printed worksheet
  • Handles health records, reproduction, milk quality, production, and heifer management
  • Customizable selections - you specify the treatments, protocols, veterinarians, etc. for use in your herd
  • DHI center data imports
  • Assign groups and move individuals or several cows between groups
  • Automatic interruption of reproductive protocols when a breeding is recorded
  • "Bio Check" system - monitors for logical data, alerts data entry person
  • Easy Backup/Restore - facilitates easy transfer of herd information between computers
  • Import and Export data to other systems
  • Easy to use Help System


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  • Combine or separate heifers from cows on reports. Reports by group option
  • Daily Task List - Integrate management actions in a convenient daily task list. Include treatments or treatment protocols recommended by the veterinarian for individual animals, along with vaccination programs, herd reproductive protocols, and much more
  • Reproductive Worksheet – includes last exam, last milk, last repro treatment, days calved and days bred
  • Open, Due and All Cow sorted reports. Due report shows notes such as expected twins, previous milk fever, etc.
  • Conception rates for different breeding protocols, inseminators, or bulls
  • Performance Reports – Culling Summary, Pregnancy Rate Trends, Reproductive Cohort Survival, Pregnancy Losses, Body Scoring
  • Production Performance - Analyze peak milk, corrected milk, somatic cell, linear score, and other production parameters, including herd trends
  • Diagnostic Summary. Summarize the diagnostic information by diagnostic category or individual diagnosis. Analyze trends with age, lactation, or time of year
  • Complete health and production histories - can be viewed or printed for herd or individual
  • Reminders - action lists based on season, age, or stage of lactation
  • Assign cows to groups - print reports by group, convenient for large herds, etc.
  • Purchase and Sale records
  • Save reports in word processing, spreadsheet, and other formats
  • Graphs. Summarize trends for reproduction, production, and body scores
  • Compare to other herds in region (requires software support package)


Program Screenshot Program Screenshot Program Screenshot